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It may seem obvious, but the most important first step is clearly defining what you want. As Yogi Berra said “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up someplace else”.Let us help you create a vision that is both clear and energizing.

First, Project Management turns dreams into reality. It’s what sent a man to the moon when it was  unimaginable. Second, with my expertise in Project Management, you don’t have to worry about trying to create a plan , because I will be creating a simple, winning game plan with you.

We aren’t just stabbing in the dark. There are techniques that  have been proven to work. We’ll will start from the project management playbook and make sure we are crystal clear on exactly what you want. Then, we’ll take a multi-faceted approach, and will be working on a game plan that is realistic and do-able from where you are right now, designing an environment that supports you, working on the removing inner blocks that may have sabotaged you in the past. And how  do you get support, challenges, encouragement, feedback? I’ll be there to support you step by step.

1st specialty: life and time management

Is your life too busy, too cluttered, too stressed? You’ve come to the right place. We use the powerful and proven techniques of project management and environmental design to create the life you really want to have. You can imagine what your life would be like if your space was inviting and uncluttered, if you were accomplishing what you needed to do, what was meaningful for  you, and had time for recharging your energies.

2nd specialty: your dream career (with job hunting skills!)

Have you been looking for a career that matches your skills, talents, and interests…in an environment that works for who you are? I have a number of tools that will point you towards your ideal careers.

When you’ve chosen that career, we’ll work together on job-hunting skills that will help you get that interview, and ace it.

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3rd specialty: winning at office politics – with integrity

Great business communication skills can be tricky…and office politics can be even trickier. If you prize authenticity, it can be harder yet. I coach people into effective, high-integrity communication, and how to play and win the office politics game with integrity.


What do you really want? You have some dream, big and small. My clients have found the jobs that fit who they are, have learned to master office politics and communication with integrity and skill, and have created control and sanity and organization out of disorganization and chaos.

We specialize on corporate and consumer branding for small and medium business, where the role of the recognizable identity and catchy slogan is especially important. Only the brand strategy built with knowledge and expertise allows to draw people’s attention and win you the customer loyalty.