What do we do with “should”?

Do you think “should” is a bad word? It certainly gets a bad rap. It is earned?

Possibly. “Should” with anxious, guilty feelings can be paralyzing. So can regret. Struggling with someone else’s values can hold you back. And yet…

Isn’t “should” one of the building blocks of our conscience? Isn’t it one of the things that keeps us civilized? What keeps you from saying that nasty thing when you are so angry you don’t care about their feelings? What prompts us to go out of our way when we really don’t want to, but know it is the right thing to do?

I propose that “should” is the guardrails. It isn’t the gas. What we love will fuel us. What we should (or shouldn’t) do will keep us from going off the rails. If we are being fueled by “shoulds” then we have a problem. We need to explore what we love, what motivates us, what gets our juices flowing. It won’t be a “should”.

What do you think? Is “should” a bad word?

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